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Taking care of a newborn is an exhilarating, joyful but also exhausting job. That’s my current situation. LOL.

There are days my little one is angelic, always cooing, sleeping and feeding peacefully. Other days, he just likes to practice his vocal chords and cannot be pleased. And that leaves me extremely exhausted and the bare minimum I could do for myself is take a quick shower. Oftentimes, lunch is a quick bite of sandwich. Sigh.

But I still cherish these phase coz he’d soon outgrow this. I know it won’t be long before he tells me he wants to play with his friends.

No matter how tired and bored at times I am, I still manage to get up and make his needs my priority. I sometimes wonder at how this is possible. Yes, I take vitamins etc, but maybe its really how moms are wired. I also take time to do sometime creative while he is sleeping. It really helps calm me too.

While I really cannot open my computer and make patterns etc, I still manage to do some crocheting! In fact, I’ve been obsessing on baby socks and baby shoes. I’ve been crocheting socks and slippers for the little one and also cute little sandals for my niece. Here’s one..

Crocheted Baby Sandals

I’ve based this off Whistle and Ivy’s Bitty Bow Sandals pattern. I just had some modifications 🙂

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