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Crochet and Knitting for A Cause

I was organizing my yarn box yesterday and I decided I wanna make something like a patchwork blanket/afghan. I have managed to collect a whole box of multi-colored yarns  and I was wondering what to do with them, so I just decided to make squares and just sew it all together to form a rectangular blanket. So I got on google and searched for simple but pretty crochet square patterns. One site came up that intrigued me coz I’ve been looking for patterns with cobbled look and they have it for FREE! The site is called HalfKnits.

They have some really wonderful patterns for squares plus my favorite would be their patterns for blanket edges. Do visit their site to download the patterns. Square Patterns Blanket Edge Patterns


And I was all the more surprised to know that this wonderful site is actually from a volunteer group of crafters from Dallas/Fort Worth area in US and their mission is to knit and crochet items for various charities locally and abroad. Wow! A truly awesome idea. Sharing something you handcrafted to help others in need.

Kudos to HalfKnits for sharing their wonderful talents. I wish at some point we could also start something like this here.

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