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Crochet: 7″ Tablet Sleeve

Yay! I’m done. With my current crafting project. And I’m just being a big show off. Lol.

I know its just an easy project, beginners even, but I can’t help but be crazy happy that I managed to make this and actually finished it!

Last week, I mentioned I’m back to crocheting mainly coz my yarn stash was crazy. And so I started making a case/sleeve for my Galaxy Tab 2 7 inch. This would also be great for readers. This is the tablet I use most often owing to its cutesy, easy to lug around size, so I wanted something to cozy it.

Crochet Pattern Free, 7 Inch Tablet Sleeve

How to make this? I used a 4.5mm crochet hook.

Crochet Free Pattern Tablet Sleeve

1. Chain 34. Then on the next row begin with a double crochet on the next chain. Follow it by a single crochet. The single-double-single combination makes the row look a bit puffy and I just love that effect. You can adjust the bumber of chain if you want a loose fit. Chain an even number so you work on an odd number for each row.

2. Continue making the rows till you have reached the length for both sides.

3. Then start closing the sides using a single crochet.

4.  As for the closing flap and button hole, I slip stitched 8 times on the ‘back panel’ then 8 sc on the next row, then repeat till I reached 3 rows. Then on the 4th row chain 10, sc 10 downwards (but slip stitch on the horizontal row) up to 3 rows. Then 2 sc, slip stitch 5 times, then 3 sc. (I slip stitched 5 times for the ‘button hole). Then 2 sc, then chain 5 times, then 3 sc. After that make 10 sc, repeat twice more, then fasten off.

Crocheted 7 Inch Tablet Sleeve

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