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Crafting Resource: Beading Basics with Beadstyle

I think I’m getting back to being obsessed with beading. My sister, who’s getting married {she!} has been bugging me about ring designs and stuff about wedding accessories. It has been about three years since I last touched my jewelry and beading tools and I think I must have missed it. But these are the things you don’t really forget, once you get hold of those pliers you just can’t help but think I wanna create this and that.

This got me really going and I found myself hopping on to one of my favorite sites for beading. I wanted to acquaint myself with the latest news and techniques for beading enthusiasts and what better place than the BeadStyle Magazine? I looooove this site. You get lots of tips and project ideas. It’s also a great idea to sign up for their newsletter for the latest updates.

You could explore their projects for free ideas or some with a minimal fee. Also their How-To’s page is really a great way for beginners to learn. And if you are in need of something, then their community of beading enthusiasts are just the persons to ask. Check out the site and before you know it, you’d be beading addicted, like me :))!

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