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Costumes Anyone?

Just something we saw in a thrift shop. It was actually hubby who pointed this out to me and said “Oh this would make a perfect wedding gown for your sister!” Lol! He was only kidding of course, but he did take a photo. Thrift shops are some of the best places to look for costumes. If I want to go for some vintage or retro looks then the thrift shops are one of the first places I would check out.

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This would be perfect for some costume party or hubby also jokingly said, it’ll be great if you wanna pretend you’re a ghost and scare someone off. Seriously though, the dress is well preserved and in excellent condition, and if only I knew how to sew I think I’ve got lots of ideas to make this dress a tad more user friendly.

Found at Japan Thrift Shop or Japan Recycle Shop.

St. 47 Phnom Penh Cambodia.

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  1. Sen is right – this is a great wardrobe for horror movies. Like, kill Barbara by shock! Errrm, Patayin sa sindak si Barbara! hahahahahaha. Para siyang debut gown or first communion gown.. finkaloo lang! Winnur itetch ‘teh!

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