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Cool Stuff: Aromatherapy Interventions

Hahaha! I immediately thought of the television series ‘Interventionwhen I saw this one. On a milder and a lot more cooler level

All items available at Stylebop.com

Lighten Up Mint And Crisp Woodland Pine – ‘Essences of winter mint and crisp woodland pine counteract obsessing on the unimportant.’ I think I would need this during those too stressful times..


Candle Chill Out – ‘Having a problem unwinding, mellowing out or just shutting up? Esssences of ylang ylang and lavender induce a calm and peaceful state of mind.’ Lol! I think I know some people who could use heavy doses of this..

Birthday Panic Candle – ‘Essences of frankincense and patchouli lessen restless anxiety. You have yet to save the planet, surf an endless summer or party like a rock star!’ Well, since I turned 30, I’ve started getting heebie-jeebies about getting older and asking myself, what to do, what do i still have to do.. I might need this on my next birthday..

Left-Brain Candle – ‘Essences of ginger and eucalyptus radiata stimulate the intellect.’  (zoom on the packaging. the instructions are hilarious!)


Right Brain Candle – ‘Essences of roman chamomile and lavender stimulate spiritual awareness’. I want this stuff! I am perpetually spiritually unaware. tsk tsk.


Panic Attack Candle – ‘Essence of frankincense; Aromatherapy for general fears of job loss, computer viruses and blind dates.’ What do you think of this MissusDilis?

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  1. Huh?!? Are you talking to me? *lol*
    When I read the Candle Chill part – I thought you were speaking to me. Andito pala sa bottom part ng post ang bagay sa akin. Ang mahal naman! But I can always put it in my wishlist for the in-laws to see. ngyahahahahah! Sayang, dumating na ang care package nila. Pwede kayang humirit?

  2. @MissusDilis, when I saw this naisip kagad kita. haha Yeah its pricey, but now we know frankincense and patchouli are good for anxiety attacks. you can buy oil na lang and a burner 😉 tapos you can burn it while enjoying a cup of your fave latte…

  3. Hahaha, talagang di pwedeng mawala ang coffee, ano? I have a bottle of patchouli oil na ginamit ko last night. Guaranteed calming effect on me and I slept like a baby! At $10 a bottle (the size of the small, old merthiolate bottle).

  4. @MissusDilis, God! I miss that word – merthiolate’! I used to be so scared of that eh lampa ako so madalas na memerthiolate ako. hahaha.

    Syemps di talaga pwede wala ang latte. I’m so into burning oils now. Mabango na its so calming pa. I’m using lemongrass and hehe coffee extracts this time. Will buy lavender and chamomile next.

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