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Concert Date?!

I just kept LOL-lling at this.

You see, my husband took a break from his 4 months univ training and came home for two weeks.  The kiddo I guess, missed him too much that she was so excited. Last weekend their school was sponsoring a classical music competition/concert and she got two tickets for free.

She promptly asked her to be her date. It’s just so cute!! I know hubby doesn’t really take much interest in music, but he was just so touched by the kiddo’s invitation. Normally, on school affairs she’d ask me to go with her coz often her dad is on travel or busy in the office. But this time was an exception.

So after a hearty lunch last Sunday, the two happily went to the concert venue. As for me, I decided to meet up with my sister and do some retail therapy. After about 2 hours, they were back and the kiddo was obviously so happy. And I had to LOL at hubby’s expression! He looked like he was still zoning out!! Classical music has that effect on him, but I’m just pleased that he stayed awake and made the kiddo so happy..

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