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Comfort Shopping :))

Not that I’m living a life of indulgence, but I’m in a really depressed mood. I have a hard time getting back to my old Phnom Penh and blogging routine. Hubby thinks this is okay since I just lost my father and I should take time to grieve. I daresay though that I want to keep busy instead of wallowing about and doing nothing. I’ve already scrubbed the house clean, its scary that its squeaky clean lol!  But I still don’t have my usual writing drive.

I’ve been binge eating and its bad. The weighing scale would scream if it could and I’m pretty sure someone would tell me I need to buy weight loss pills soon. So I know I have to get back to work and get back to diet and get back into shape. Hard. Tough. So a few days ago, I had to prop myself up with a bit of shopping.

Here’s the loot:

Versio Aquarius 600 Touch Screen Dual SIM Phone with WIFI – yup got this for only $79.99!! Ordered the black one, if its nice, then I’ll be getting another one…

MusicTube 4G Style MP3 Player – can’t believe the price!! Its only $19.99. Ordered the pink {of course!} one.

High Fidelity Earphone – $2.99 {I just got this so I could reach $100 and get $10 off my orders hehe} 

And it felt darn good. Lol! Obviously, shopping works wonders for me. I did the ‘shopping’online coz I was too lazy to get up, take a bath and go to the mall. And besides the one I wanted I only saw online. I was thinking of just buying an MP3 player but ended up buying a phone, an MP3 player and an extra set of earphones, and I just spent $110. I rarely spend on electronics hence the cheap choices. Why? I easily misplace stuff and having a kid around guarantees a lot of broken gadgetry. I could never forget when I bought myself an iPod the first year it came out only for it to be left on a bus. So never again will I buy something that pricey. At least with these, even if I lose or break it, I won’t be crying rivers of tears. Heh.

I’m enjoying shopping online, and I think its the anticipation, the waiting for the items to arrive that really makes me happy. Yes, I’m that weird. I hope I could get the stuff tomorrow. For sure I’ll blog about it.

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