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Christmas Shopping Almost Done!

I feel like giving myself a good pat in the back for a job well done. Well, a Christmas shopping well done. And an early finish at that. To top that, I also got loads of discounts from some of my favorite online shopping stores.

You, know one of the things I don’t like about Christmas is the mad rush to shop for gifts. I prefer to do my shopping before everyone else. That way, I get to pick what I want and just what I need. More often than not, during rush holiday buying and pre-Christmas sales, I tend to get carried away and buy things I don’t want and need and also things that are way beyond my budget.

So now I prefer to plan my purchases. And if I could buy it online, at a discount, then much much better. Thankfully, I have a pretty budget friendly Christmas list this time so it was easy. I bought most things online. Toys, some girly stuff, and some gift to myself I bought from Gmarket Korea.

I also made a couple of purchases from an organic skin care company in the Philippines for my gifts for my cousins and some relatives.

Phew!! I’m happy and all I have to do now is wait and wrap.

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