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Hey! It’s been awhile since I featured any of my templates for and it has also been awhile since I’ve been actually making templates for the said site. I was enjoying it and also earning on the side but I simply lack the time and energy. Priorities, priorities! Sigh. I do hope I could still occasionally create kits and templates for Artcow soon. Anyhow, I’m posting some of ┬áthe templates I made previously.

Here’s a photobook template featuring a free kit I made – Preppy Choco. This kit is free but exclusive to Artscow users only. I made the photobook template coz let’s admit it, sometimes we lack inspiration or sometimes we just don’t have the patience to create one from scratch. You can make use of this template just add the kit first to your kit collection.

8×8 20 pages Fond as Choco Memories Photobook:

Fond As Choco Memories Photo Book

8×8 20 pages Choco Hearts Photobook:


Choco Hearts Photo Book

Pretty right? This would just be perfect for kids and family photo books. Enjoy!Do watch out for my freebie next week. I’m sure digital scrappers would love it.

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