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China Based Online Shops Reviewed

I think I just got myself something new to obsess on…I’m now officially addicted to surfing China-based online shops! Drat it. I’ve been doing a great deal of hopping from one site to another and things have begun to be so confusing,lol!

Anyway, I’ve decided to read reviews of sites that caught my fancy and I found two sites with great reviews and directory of China/Hong Kong based online shops. These would be handy when I’m in my OWSS mood and if I fancy buying stuff from cosmetics to electronics.

Check out for some really good ‘personal experience’ reviews and this site is particularly good to check out if you have plans to dropship from these online shops.


Another review site worth checking out is

Hmm, with the way I’m getting addicted, I might just try to order a little something from each site and do a review site? Whatchathink?

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