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Cherishing Memories…

To be honest, for the past few days I have not been in the ‘blogging’ mood. I was being wistful, introspective and often I found myself dwelling in the past. Sometimes, the past brings me sadness, longing, and instead of looking forward to the future I tend to dwell on the past. Not really appreciating the past for what it was and what it had made me, but  more of dwelling on the what if’s and the regrets.

But I realized, I couldn’t move on from that. I have to let go. There are beautiful things, beautiful memories in my past, so why do I focus on the negatives? I asked myself that question several times this morning..

And I found this quote..

So live that your memories will be part of your happiness. ~Author Unknown

Distant Memories

I want to learn from past mistakes, but I also want to cherish the triumphs and the way I overcame every little obstacle I faced. And let that be the weapons I arm myself with in facing my future. I resolve now not to be sad about anything about the past, but to cherish it and make it part of the future.

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