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Caught a Bug…

The Lazy Bug that is. The past few days I was not really in the mood to write, so I got lots of work backlog. I’m not sure what brought this on, but I’m not entirely happy with it coz I’ve been spending lots of time just surfing the net and browsing blogs.

And to my horror, I’ve taken to just idly browsing the net while lying down. For a few months already, I’ve been blogging on my desktop, this keeps me awake and I’m always more productive. I only used the bigger laptop when I wanna watch a movie or go streaming before sleeping.

But now that I’ve just been reunited again with my Oh so missed Asus netbook, I was gradually and unconsciously hooked on using it while lying down. I’m in serious amazement with its battery power, so the lazy me don’t even need to get up much to plug it.

Hayyy! I have to put my foot down and drag myself up the bed and work here on my desktop. I told hubby to keep that netbook away otherwise, I can’t get work done. Lol! I also have a lot of digital scrapbooking kits on my “to finish tray’ that I put on hold.

Should get back to work. I think I need an extra dose of caffeine… More later.

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