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Kawaii Yarn Fever

I did confess to being a Pinterest failure but that’s not to say I don’t have a drop of crafty blood in me. I can draw fairly well, I’m a rabid digital scrapbooker and I can do a bit of crocheting. BUT I’m an utter failure at knitting and all other DIY cutesy stuff you […]

Crafts Rambling On

Crochet Therapy

Taking care of a newborn is an exhilarating, joyful but also exhausting job. That’s my current situation. LOL. There are days my little one is angelic, always cooing, sleeping and feeding peacefully. Other days, he just likes to practice his vocal chords and cannot be pleased. And that leaves me extremely exhausted and the bare […]

Crafts Rambling On


I’m showing all signs of being a hoarder! A yarn hoarder, that is! Ever since I became home-bound due to pregnancy, I went back to crafting and I unearthed my boxes full of yarns. I managed to make a couple of bags, and now I’m almost done with a pillowcase my daughter asked me to […]


Crocheting Resumed

I’m finally getting back to my crocheting projects. Finally. A few months ago, I was obsessed with crocheting, I bought lots of yarns and I even made some of my own patterns. Then things got hectic, I had a lot of travel schedules and somehow the crocheting projects were left to gather dust. Fast forward […]

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Crafting Wishlist!

Happy New Year, crafters!! I don’t like making new years resolutions. I always end up forgetting about it halfway through the year anyway. But I usually have wishlists, something to motivate me. I’ve also decided to start up a ‘crafting piggy bank’. I’ll be saving up a couple of dollars every week, not for some […]