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Busy Bee..

Ha! I know I was being a drama queen in my previous post. Lol! Even my post title is making me cringe now – Lonely, Lonely! ┬áBut honestly I’m over that. Coz hubby is now back and I actually dealt with the loneliness without making any damage. By being busy.

Easy right? But yeah, I just made myself extra busy. Like a bee..

Busy Bee

I even bought two new domain names and plan to turn it into some useful website in the future. The operative word here is ‘plan’, knowing my crazy habit of procrastination. But if its any comfort to me, I actually managed to set up the domains, point it to one of my hosting accounts and I’m now running wordpress on both.

I’m hoping I could get the themes working (I’m customizing them all from scratch) and start posting within this week. Talk about trying to pressure myself. But I thrive on that because the busier and more pressured I am, the more ideas I have.

If I allow myself to dilly dally for more than two days, then I’m pretty much doomed to a whole month of being lazy till someone or something wakes me up to the reality: that I have to work. Lol.

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