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Busy Bee & A Birthday Girl

That’s me this week and next week. What with you might ask? For some people being a stay at home mom mights sound like heaven. It is, but its not an idle heaven. In fact, I always wish there’s more than 24 hours to day..I cook, I clean, I keep the house, I stock the fridge and our cupboard with food and necessities. I tutor the kiddo when she gets home. We play.

When I’m so tired, I huff and puff, do a bit of personal shopping and head over to the nearest coffee shop to decompress. And on top of all that, I also work on my online projects. I maintain 10+ blogs, I also make websites for some personal clients, I do graphic design work.

I know I tinker a lot. So, still think I’m idle? Hahaha! Idle, I’m not. I barely get the time to tweeze my eyebrows you know. But I digress,  mentioned I was busy and will be more busy. Well, to compound things all the more, I decided to go enroll myself to an online university, I mean an open university. I’m gonna earn another degree by hook or by crook hahaha.. Anyway, that’s what I was so busy with last week. Researching different schools and preparing some requirements. I plan to submit my requirements for admission just in time for second semester in an open university in the Philippines. So I hope I’ll get accepted. Then you’ll be seeing me fretting about how to rearrange my crazy schedule. Sigh.

And next week, is Khmer New Year. And my daughter’s birthday. We’ll be having a small party with her school friends in school. That’s her special request. So there. I’ll try to conserve much energy from now on coz I’ll be on a cooking fest for that said ‘small’ party.


And oh, here’s the little {though not so little, anymore} girl who’s turning 8 soon…

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