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Most of my sites have now found their niches, so I have nowhere else to put my whatnots.. haha! I have a lot of thoughts, mutterings, ideas, finds and they sometimes get lost when I get so enamored with my blogs and other projects. So I have created this blog just as a place to dump my thoughts, web finds, mutterings, some photos, interesting memes..
About personal blogging:
I have two blogs that is already a little aged, getting a reasonable amount of traffic daily (meaning it gets more than 2 visitors daily haha), earning enough to keep themselves. So I have registered several other domains a couple of months ago, and since November 2009 I had started to slowly build each one of them. I have already finished setting up, indexing, and posting at least 10 posts for 3 domains and now I am all set to develop the rest of them. My target date for finishing all set-up, indexing of these blogs at least by June 2010.
Each has a specific niche, I picked niches that I find interesting but all of them are not too specific. Simply because I don’t want to limit my readership to just a few. For example, I bought a domain specifically for women topics. So, its niche would be women issues and all things girl talk and it would cover areas which I (and I think a lot of women) find interesting. It’s going to cover health, diet and fitness, beauty and personal care, kids and parenting, marriage, dating and relationships, fashion and fashion finds, shopping and bargain finds, women’s education and career, latest buzz on women’s issues and topics. Niches that are narrowed but not too specific to limit the number of potential blog readers..I have domains for trends and fashion, crafts and gift ideas, home styling too.
I am also revamping several blog sites I have which I have really neglected for sometime already. Since we moved here in Phnom Penh last year, I’ve been entirely focused on my two main blogs plus the new ones I am currently setting up. I intend to update my dessert recipe site, I love making desserts and this one – Desserthaven has been one of my first ever blogs. I have already revamped the templates and still have to place some finishing touches. And to keep to regularly updated.
Another one I have started to blog renovate is my celebrity ads site – CelebrityAdsOnline. This one really does get organic search engine visits, I didn’t have to do anything but post and it gets traffic. No promotion, linking or anything so I kinda neglected it. But I realized I’m wasting its potential if I don’t keep it updated. For one, its is very unique and celebrity topics are generally very popular..
And one more blog I want to update is my Template Frenzy site. I have stopped posting on this one for sometime already and I was pretty surprised it maintained its page rank without being updated. And it gets regular traffic too. 
Hmm, you can safely say I am plenty occupied Lol! There are days I always feel like I am running out of time and 24 hours is really not enough. Believe me, I have dark eye circles whenever I have a new project I’m working on.. But I love it, beats just sitting around and just watching TV. And besides I love earning from blogging!

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  1. yeah oo nga Z. tinatamad pa akong ayusin.. hehe ung template frenzy. baka soon, eh ang ganda ng traffic nun..soon.. oo nga yung talaga din plan ko and now im almost halfway.. i wanna experiment with multiple income streams.. yung iba reviews, yung iba links etc.. I figured a regular blog can earn about $150-$200 and if you can have several its a good deal na diba..

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