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I’m not a really religious person, and while I have a very deep faith, I’m not very big on rituals imposed by some churches. But whatever differences, I truly believe that someone up there is looking out for us. And whatever we need and ask for will be given at the right time. As long as we work for it too.

Anyway, I’m waxing a bit lyrical about faith today because I feel really grateful. Last month I was fretting coz I have a huge domain renewal bill to pay as well as several web hosting accounts to pay. It’s running to hundreds and so there are not just small chunk change. But they are one vital resources needed for my online business. So they needed to be paid in due time.

I was thinking, if the earnings from my blogs are not enough, perhaps I’ll need to dip into my savings from other online jobs, but guess what? I managed to pay all of the bills with a lot more to spare. I’m pretty much astounded and amazed. I was thinking, oh, boy I won’t have any extras this month to put to my savings, but after paying all bills, I checked my online account and wow! I still have some left!

So what I’m saying here is, have faith and work hard towards the goal. And lessen the worry. When you work hard, and pray for guidance, most things fall into place. And I am so thankful for that.

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