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..Ber Months..

I feel like September just flew by and now were more than half-way through October already. And you can hear me panicking in the background already. Lol. I suddenly just realized its the Ber months already. Seems like living in Phnom Penh has mellowed me down a bit and I don’t have the crazy Christmas frenzy that I used to have when I was still living in the Philippines. Christmas in Pinas is a huge deal and the festivities start gearing up when the -ber months start.

And us, adults start gearing up for shopping for Christmas. Yes, during the Christmas season there are also lots of christenings going on.So I always prepare myself to be a godparent for the nth time. It’s fun though, but when I’m in a crappy mood, I sometimes think: ‘ooohhh, the expenses!’.

But then again, in spite of the expenses, the tiring days, what really makes the season stand out for me is being together with family, and having jolly good times with them. That’s why, I think Christmas in Pinas is like no other.

And oh, I’m not the one in the photo above. Lol.

Image: photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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