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‘Be Happy’ G-O-T-H Giveaway Sneak Peek!

Beginning May 2011, I’ll be regularly running {hopefully we can make it monthly} Girl on a Thrift Hunt Blog giveaway! I’ll be giving away one-of-a-kind items mostly stuff I made from Artscow and also some fab shopping finds.

I’m crazy about online shopping anyway so if I stumble across an item nice enough to giveaway then it’ll be featured here. Of course, we’ll be starting with small items first. Think handbags, purses, little cute knick knacks. And I’m sure it’ll get bigger as we go along. Who knows after a year I’ll be giving out smart home systems as giveaways! Hahaha, one can dream right?

But for the first giveaway, I wanted to make something really special. I am ordering this specially made from Artscow. I designed them myself so for sure the one who wins this has something unique..It’ll take about two weeks to get this so I think May 2011 is just about the right date to start. I’ll be posting the mechanics before April ends, but for now I’m just too excited to hold back and show you guys a sneak peek at some of the items..

I call this the ‘Be Happy’ Giveaways. Why? They have some of my favorite be happy motivational quotes…

Classic Canvass Tote Bag

[singlepic id=86 w=350 h=300 mode=watermark float=center]

Mini Purse

[singlepic id=84 w=350 h=300 mode=watermark float=center]


[singlepic id=85 w=350 h=300 mode=watermark float=center]


Round Mousepad

[singlepic id=83 w=350 h=300 mode=watermark float=center]

1 18″ x 18″ Be Happy Cushion Cover

[singlepic id=80 w=350 h=300 mode=watermark float=center]

2  Be Happy Heart Magnets

[singlepic id=81 w=350 h=300 mode=watermark float=center]

[singlepic id=82 w=350 h=300 mode=watermark float=center]

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  1. you’re so creative and artsy naman pala. i’ll definitely join this giveaway. sana manalo ako. thanks for adding me to your blogroll. i’ll make one din. still tweaking my site. I just started with the blog 5 days ago at retro-date ko lang. is there such a word? can’t think of a term. kaya mukhang minadali mga posts. thanks for dropping by. regular visitor here from now on.=)

  2. wow, ang ganda ng mga prizes, will be joining din…hopefully may mga thrift finds pa din ako so can still join your meme! happy wednesday! 🙂

  3. i agree to vintagelover!! you are so creative and artistic.
    and i know one of this day you can creat more not just a give aways only. Does shipping is free?

  4. @wheng, yes. ill be shipping the giveaways free to the winner. watch out for the giveaway announcement.

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