Rambling On

Back from A Long Vacation

Hellu! Hellu!!

Finally, I’ve gotten around to opening this site and checking things out. I just went for a long break and traveled a bit early November. I actually got back home a couple of weeks ago already. But for some reason, perhaps leftover holiday lethargy? I was just too lazy to write and also to shop. I needed an incentive I guess hahaha!

Actually what prompted me to check in here was reminders from my webhost to update my wordpress plugins. Lol!

Also I didn’t shop much for myself, although I did shopped a bit in Manila mainly for my kiddo who is just sprouting out so fast, she is in need of pre-teen clothes. I also stopped myself from buying any clothes for myself because…

tada! In a few months, my tummy will be huge coz I’m carrying our second child!!! So I think its a great idea to just put off shopping and save for baby stuff..

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