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Baby’s First Month – Week 1

Today, my little one turned 17 weeks. So yeah, this is a belated post.

But I had been journal writing what we had been through and I’m finally getting some free time to post those bits and tidbits here. So yes, its safe to say, about four months we can finally snatch sometime to do a quick thing or two. Not serious free time to look up concert schedules, but yes now I can actually take a shower while little naps since his naps are more or less on schedule and predictable already.

I stayed in the hospital for a grand total of 3 days. Quite quick considering my emergency c-section birth. But I’m thankful for my quick recovery. I was in lots of pain but it was manageable. My husband and MIL has also been incredibly supportive so it helped.

Week 1

  • Little one is good and quiet most of the time. I am formula feeding at this point and supplementing with breastmilk I pumped.
  • Breastfeeding is just so hard for us. I don’t produce enough and he just won’t latch no matter how hard we try. I’ve cried buckets of tears over this already that its starting to concern my husband.
  • I’ve been given lactation supplements and pumping like crazy. I think I’m fixating on this to the point its no longer healthy as its stressing me out. But the 1-2 oz. I could pump is for me so precious and a gift for the baby.
  • At night, baby wakes every hour to feed. We’re sleep deprived and I’m co-sleeping to make things easier.
  • This week also at 9pm till about 12 mn, little one cries and fusses a lot. Won’t settle down easily. I’m afraid he has colic but for now I’ll just chalk it up to him having immature nervous system.

Did I mention I’m so sleep deprived yet I feel grateful and privileged to have a baby after 11 years of waiting after we had our first daughter.

I must also note, perhaps due to exhaustion and whacked up hormones, my c-section, I’ve been crying on and off. Sometimes I wake up sobbing. Freaked out my husband but he just hugged me and was just there and it helped. I hope this passes soon. I need ME at 100% to take care of baby and my older daughter.

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