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Baby Goodies from Psar Tuol Tompong

I’m a soon to be second-time momma. So I’ve been on a conscious diet on shopping for myself and instead these past few months, the thrift hunter in me has been focusing on great deals for the little one.

Yup. I’ve been ignoring ads saying Flash Deals! Sale! quite successfully. My bargain radar is trained on baby stuff.

One of the best places I’ve found here in Phnom Penh to shop for baby items is Psar Tuol Tompong (also known as Russian Market). Well, the place is crowded not to mention, hot, but its worth exploring for baby goodies.

Here’s some of what I got on my first baby shopping raid there..

Shopping in Russian Market Phnom Penh

Carter’s 4 pc romper set – includes 6 pairs of baby socks. $8 only and Carter’s cotton blankets – 5 pcs – $12.

Both are of great quality and 100% cotton. Might go back there again for some onesies.

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