Rambling On

Awed by Nature

I must admit I haven’t been as productive creatively this time. Mostly because I’m having a really rough time. I guess anybody who has a loved one on a sick bed and terminally ill would experience some sort of depression. I’m in a stupor most of the time, functioning on automation. Lately though, I’m finding a lot of solace in nature and its natural beauty. Everyday, I wake up real early and spend some time just walking around my mother’s garden. Looking at all the beauty around me makes me appreciate life more and how fortunate we are.

I’m quite lucky this is the view I wake up to.. Our front yard view from the verandah..

I’m hoping once this is all over I could get back my crafting mojo. I feel a little bereft when I’m in this mood. I keep wishing there is something I could do but time heals they say. And I just console myself and hope soon nature would help us heal…

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