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Awaiting Another GM Haul

I’m ending my self-imposed Gmarket shopping hiatus. Hahahaha! At least I lasted a couple of months. And when I opened my GM account I felt a bit sad. My VIP status is now down to NEW. That means a lot of lost coupons, privileges etc. But that won’t stop me from shopping, noh?

Actually I didn’t buy much just 2 loose blouses, a couple of bras (found a cheap seller and wanted to try), some Holika Holika items. Most of the stuff are for my sister (who can’t just live without her BB Cream) and for my daughter who wanted a lot of headbands and leggings.

Actually it was my sister who prompted this haul. Last time, she asked me to buy her some bags and she loved it. Also, she can’t live without her BB cream and has been bugging me that her supply is almost gone. Sure, she can buy it here but even with the shipping fees, buying from GM still is cheaper and she has more choices. Now that she has discovered how fun it is to shop at GM, I’m sure it won’t be long she’d be asking me to buy her stuff. Sigh.

But anyway, I paid for the haul last Friday and now I checked, all items are there already, delivered domestically. Except for one of my blouses (darn! the one I really loved!!) was cancelled since it was out of stock. But I couldn’t complain much since it was refunded promptly to my Paypal account. I’m just a bit piqued coz of course I can’t have that mustard blouse and the shipping fee they charged was of course, not refunded to Paypal but to my GM account. I guess I could use it for my next haul.

In any case, I’m twiddling my thumbs hoping it ships out soon, so we could feast with out goodies.

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