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Avocado Love

This is definitely one of my favorite fruits. So yeah, I’m one of those who eat avocados, not avoid them. A lot of people tend to avoid them because of its high calorie and ‘fat’ content. But let me qualify the word fat. Avocados contain the good fat and in fact, its one of the most nutritious and healthiest food you can eat.

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And this is absolutely one of the best foods recommended for pregnant women. It’s super rich in folate among other nutrients. Check this article out for at least 5 best health reasons to eat avocados.

How do I eat my avocados? I either like it smoothie with low fat/low sugar soya milk and lots of ice, or cubed with low fat milk and a bit of honey, topped with crushed ice. And its a great tasting thing especially now that were in the midst of summer heat.

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