Rambling On

Audio Gadget Hunt

Hubby is pretty low maintenance when it comes to clothes, accessories etc. But his one indulgence is gadgetry. Which I think more than makes up for him being low maintenance when it comes to other things. Gadgets can be expensive you know, but of course, if he loves it that much, who am I to say no? And besides, he’s the one to pay for it, hahaha!

Anyway, lately he’s been into building a totally mind boggling (for me! LOL) sound and home theater system for our room. He does love his movies and I’m not complaining as this makes movie watching and listening to music a lot more fantastic. He has bought speakers, amplifiers etc etc and now he’s looking for good set of earphones.

I could only shake my head and leave him to get on with it. After all, everyone has their own quirks and passions. And I’m not about to stop him from buying his gadgetry when he doesn’t even give a hoot about my thrift hunts and online shopping obsession. We’re a good pair, right? Hahaha..

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