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Asian Themed Placemats From Etsy

I’ve been browsing online for framing tiles ideas and also for some decorative glass mosaic tiles when I suddenly had the urge to ogle those pretty things in Etsy.

I just love this online market place for all things pretty! And since I was looking for home decor, I found myself searching for home decor and those with Asian theme. Right now, I’m really liking Japanese themed home accessories so I just fell head over heels in love with these..

kyoto kimono placemats

A set of Kyoto Kimono Placemats from TheQuiltingViolinist. I love the bold and exotic colors, the Asian floral pattern. Dramatic and just the perfect centerpiece. This would go well with plain and elegant dinnerware.

kyoto kimono placemats

Oh, how I wish I know how to quilt! But I’m bookmarking this one. ;P a future purchase for sure..

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