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I don’t like drama in real life. Really, I do my utmost to avoid crazy confrontations and machinations in real life. It makes for a stress free and happy life. BUT, I’m not averse to enjoying a little drama as long as its not for real. Ha! So where do I get my dose of sappiness, weird plots, confrontations? Well, tv dramas, Asian dramas to be exact!

The fact that I have to much on my plate, yes, a toddler, a teenager, a busy home business and several websites to maintain, and oh of course, a husband (I should not forget this is the order of things!). Well, I still find a few minutes, sometimes an hour to indulge myself – watching Asian dramas! I figured its my me-time, and its been a great way for me to lower my stress levels from all things going on around me. If you’re on the lookout for something to relax yourself check it out!

Goblin Korean Drama
Goblin. Worth binge watching. Gong Yoo is everything. Ha!

I have a totally weird way of watching dramas. I pick randomly, mainly coz I don’t have time to regularly tune it to what’s currently airing on TV or even via streaming. So I usually go to archived dramas, and pick whatever I fancy.The past few years, I’ve been watching mostly Korean dramas, and on a few occasions some dramas from Japan and Taiwan. And seriously, who cannot love K-dramas, they have gorgeous actors and actresses noh? I have a serious girl crush on Song Hye Kyo.

A monster hit. I watched it for Song Hye Kyo and ended up hooked. I just love her with Song Joong Ki, and I kinda ship them.

I must also confess to developing a near obsession with Seo In-guk. This boy, he can surely ACT! And if you want him in a fluffy rom-com, watch Shopping King Louis. Yes, most days I like fluffy, not too stressful dramas.

Fluffiest, feel good drama I watched.

Another one on my favorite rom-coms – Something About 1% (2016), I watched it initially for the adorkable Ha Suk Jin but I fell headlong in love with the female lead. Feisty, no non-sense and just all around lovely Jun So Min. I loved this to bits as you rarely find a K-drama female who refuses to take crap. She’s like high up there in my list of K-drama heroines.

Lately, I’ve discovered Thai Lakorn Dramas! All because somebody recommended I watch the Thai version of Full House. Love, love, loved it!! So, a couple of Thai dramas are in my watch list right now. Where do I watch this online? Lots of sites around – GoodDrama, MyAsianTV, KissAsian just to name a few. I won’t be giving links but just do a search and you’ll find them.

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