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Artscow Kit: Elegantly Dainty Flordeliz

I have yet to get back to designing. I have loads of new ideas but really no time to start doing it. I’ve also been neglecting making free kits for Artscow and I do plan to rectify that soon. This time though I have my hands full, reorganizing my computer and reorganizing our house. Staying months away from our house guarantees a lot of work when you return so now I have loads of chores, things to repair, stuff to look for. Sigh. Its almost never ending but thankfully I think I’m making a lot of headway. At least now I have my Photoshop already running and soon you’ll be seeing new stuff here.

Anyway for now, I’d like to show you guys the third kit I made for Artscow called Dainty Flordeliz. And I really love it. I think I made some headway already compared to the first ones I made, at least this one is a fraction more polished. I also like the pale, subdued colors. I was aiming for something dainty and elegant, and I was actually thinking of a wedding theme when I made this.

It contains an alphabet collection in pale gold, floral and lace embellishments,a huge assortments of frames and silk and lace backgrounds. This kit is for FREE, you can use it when making our Artscow personalized products. Hope you guys like it :))

And here’s some product templates I made with the kit. You can use these as templates or you can get creative and use the kit anyway you wanna make it look..

Fragile Peach Lace – 8 x 8 Quick Scrap Page

Blue Grunge and Girly Custom Mini Coin Purse

Gray Elegance Custom Cosmetic Bag XL

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