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Another Aliexpress Buy

Well, from a skeptic, I’m now a regular Aliexpress shopper!

Last week I talked about ordering a toddler backpack with leash from Aliexpress. I’ve been searching for this item locally but can’t find one, I know I could easily do DIY but I wanted a cute backpack/leash for my little one and besides I really don’t have the time to do DIY projects. So yes, I found myself getting drawn to Ali and searching for this item.

And it was a good idea coz I found so many choices! Where else can you find literally thousands of shops offering probably millions of products? That’s my favorite thing about Aliexpress, the number of choices.

Mind you, I still advice caution when shopping from there. There are lots of not so good sellers and you really have to be careful. I only buy from highly rated shops and items that have several feedback already.

toddler backpack leash

Anyway, the backpack leash I ordered arrived last week and I was stumped! Shipping was fast and I expected it to be fast since I paid about $6 for shipping. When I opened the item, I was certainly pleased. The backpack while a bit pricier than other options, it was definitely of very good quality. Stitching was on point. Good quality all around.

I liked the design plus the fabric used is the one that dries easily. Really a must for us since my toddler carries water bottles all the time. I got it from this seller.

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