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Anne Taintor Vintage Looking Shot Glasses

I luv the product description: “The perfect gift for hostess, for bridesmaid… for pretty much any occasion that involves alcohol.” Lol!

A newly discovered site: Anne Taintor! With lots and lots of vintage looking knick knacks and loads of crackling humor. It’s like a vintage stuff wonderland. Just the place to look for quirky and fun gifts.

Here’s some shot glasses that I want..

(1) the key word is ‘alleged”. Set includes:

  • “I have what one might call ‘special needs'”
  • “I should come with a warning label”
  • “the key word is ‘alleged'”
  • “just let my conscience be our guide”
(2) Born to Be Wild – set includes:

  • “I can never remember which is better… safe?…or sorry?”
  • “looking for trouble? look no further…”
  • “golly! liquor is quicker!”
  • “born to be wild”

(3) “high maintenance” doesn’t even begin to cover it – I so like this!!! Hihi.. for diva effect

  • “‘high maintenance’ doesn’t begin to cover it”
  • “all I want is an umbrella in my drink”
  • “it’s so involved being me”
  • “I love not camping”

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