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Almost Easter…

Easter is always a time to celebrate! I remember spending Easter Sundays at home in Bicol and we always had a fun family time. It specially got more enjoyable when my daughter was born and her birthday usually coincides with Holy Week and we tend to celebrate it on Easter Sunday.

Now that were living here in Cambodia, we haven’t have much fun as before. I’m thinking of trying to change that. For one, I want our daughter to have a good time during this day while also stressing why its a special day. Should we join an easter egg hunt? Perhaps so. In any case, I found myself  hopping about looking for some cute little Easter gifts at Happy Easter Store. Here’s two very adorable finds..

easter bunny watering cans
easter tubs

I love the paster hues and you can actually reuse these after Easter. Check them out at Happy Easter Store.

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  1. There are lots of tricks we can make during Easter Sunday. Aside from the common of painting eggs, we can also make other handy crafts for decoration or even give it to our loved ones. The Holy week is fast approaching and it’s 2 weeks more before the Catholics will commemorate it.

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