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Adsense Happy!

I realized I’ve been posting mostly sad thoughts lately. I guess my mood shows. But I figured its high time I inject something positive in here. So what’s to be happy about? Just that, I got another batch of Google Adsense payments for $300+!  Yay!  I’ve registered my Adsense account in the Philippines and thankfully, getting payments via Western Union is available here. I prefer this method since its faster and hassle free. And the payment is available the day after Google finalizes the payment.

So that’s how I’ve been getting my Adsense payments, thru Western Union!  And if I’m out of the country when the payment threshold is reached, then I simply put a hold on it and just save it, then I just lift the payment hold whenever I’m on vacation in the Philippines. I dunno but for some reason, after several Google Adsense cashouts already, I’m still tickled pink at receiving a good amount from my blog ad slots. It’s earning money passively!

Also, the guy on the Western Union desk asked me how fast it is to reach the payment threshold of $100. Depends. In my case, I never really focused on earning thru Adsense so it took me a few months to reach the payment quota. But once, I reached it, I’ve noticed getting to several hundreds almost seems effortless..

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