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Adsense Happy Again..

It has been awhile ( a week!) and a week is awhile in my blogging vocabulary, since I last checked my Adsense account. I’m way past being  OC about it now coz I know I could expect some decent earnings with Google Adsense even if I’m not around.

Anyhow, my Adsense payments are on hold because I plan to get them when I go home in the Philippines in June. And I kinda like this arrangement of holding payments coz that way I get to save too. Last time I checked this morning, my blogs has been churning out a real decent income and I could easily grab the smartphone I’ve been wanting to have if I want it now.

But I’ve decided to use my Adsense money for my dad’s first death anniversary. It’s a way of giving thanks too and I figured the past couple of Adsense cash outs I’ve already spent for myself so I want to use the next one for everyone else. I also want to buy a ‘splurge’ gift for my mom and I know just seeing her smile and be happy would be more than enough reward.

After I cash our my recent Adsense earnings, I’m going to put the next ones on hold again because I’m planning to buy a surprise for hubby. Nah. Not a Magic Sing lol. But more along the lines of a gadget he really wants.

Sigh. Adsense really makes me happy. And I know that it takes time and a lot of effort to build a site to earn decent income from it, still once you have the site in place, you’ll just need to update it once in awhile and  believe me, earning from Adsense comes easy after all the hard work. And its all passive. Like if I stop blogging for 1 day or 1 week or several months, as long as my site is there, there is still the possibility of earning from it. And that is why I love it to bits!

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