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A Cheap and Comfy Dress for Moi

I’m so frustrated today. Our vacation has wreaked havoc on my diet and exercise and I ended up gaining again the meager weight I have lost the past few weeks. It’s crazy and I feel kinda depressed about it. To top it all I feel so lethargic about exercising again because its so hot. Sigh.

I promised myself no shopping for awhile but a girl depressed just gotta cheer herself up right? And besides I just spent $2.5 on this cotton comfy dress. It’s not the best quality but I like the fabric and the simple style. I could use it this summer coz its thin, lightweight and not hot at all.

Cheap Dress from Tuol Tompong Market

It’s pretty versatile too. Can be used as is, or looks great with a pair of leggings. I found it from a pile of clothes in Russian Market, Tuol Tompong here in Phnom Penh. You have to dig awhile in that pile to come up with something and that’s probably why its so cheap.

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