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A Baby Carrier – My Best Buy for Me and Baby

A friend who is expecting a baby asked me: what baby gear (for me and baby) I consider to be my best buy.

My answer is hands down baby carriers. I’m a huge believer in baby wearing. And while I’m just too tired to blabber about the good things baby wearing can do for baby and mom so┬áhint hint! Just Google! – too many articles out there already!

I simply can’t imagine going through 11 months of my baby’s life without baby carriers. It’s a life saver for me, specially since I don’t have any help around the house. I get things done around the house and use our Ergo extensively for travel and even just errands outside. It’s practically the most used piece of baby gear for us.

Moby Modern Baby Wrap - Slate - One Size

Moby Modern Baby Wrap – Slate

For the first 4 months, baby and I had been using a Moby Wrap. Its awesome, comfy and snug and my little one LOVED it. Specially on days he was not feeling well and wanting to be carried, the Moby was our best friend. A friend also recommends another brand that is very similar to Moby, its called Boba Baby Wrap.

He Gets Chunky!

When little guy turned 5 months he started getting really chunky and using the wrap was getting a bit difficult, I wasn’t about to give up babywearing so I decided to buy an ERGObaby Organic Baby Carrier.

ERGObaby Organic Baby Carrier, Zen

ERGObaby Organic Baby Carrier

Which turned out go be a fantastic buy! I LOVE this carrier as it really balances baby’s weight on the upper torso. Its very comfy and we could walk for hours in this. This was my savior when we traveled a month ago. Even my husband uses this and loves it. I actually got the Ergo Organic in Lattice/Taupe design but they are not manufacturing it anymore. But for those looking for a sturdy and comfy carrier, I would really recommend an Ergo. Worth the money.

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