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10th Anniversary Coming Up Soon..

The other day my husband has been teasing me. That he can’t imagine we’ve been together for more than a decade. And we’ve been married for 9 years ++ already. Which reminds me that our 10th wedding anniversary is coming up in September. Something to really celebrate but sadly he’ll be out of the country that time. So I guess we have to celebrate a little earlier.

The same as our previous anniversary, we prefer quiet celebrations. Usually we go on a trip together or if we stay home just have a quiet dinner. Nothing really is more meaningful to us that being together and I guess that’s one of the main reasons why this marriage (even if its inter-racial and we are from different cultures) works. We like doing things together. We don’t put any price tags on anything we do. We could go someplace expensive or sometimes we just stay home and do DVD marathons without spending anything, but for us, it just means the same thing – enjoying each other’s company.

He tells me he really can’t imagine time has passed by so fast. It does feel like just yesterday when we were choosing engagement gifts and now we’re on our 10th wedding anniversary. The only difference now is that we have our daughter and I weigh a lot more hahahaha.

As for anniversary presents, I already have one earmarked for him and I’ve been saving for it for awhile already. I do love how I could earn online so I can buy him gifts from my own money and I think that makes it more special to him coz he knows I worked and saved for it. He’s been asking me what I want for our anniversary. Hmm, nothing much really, just an eternity ring.

Like these..(this post is a big hint for him noh?) These are just cheap stuff, but it would make me happy. Lol.

Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Stacking Eternity Band Rings

Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Stacking Eternity Band Rings

Micro Pave Clear Cubic Zirconia CZ Sterling Silver Half Eternity Band

Micro Pave Clear Cubic Zirconia Eternity Band

6MM Ladies Eternity Titanium Ring

6MM Ladies Eternity Titanium Ring

See, I’m actually very easy to please. These are all below $60 mind you. If he throws in a handbag or shoes then I’ll be extra happy. Hahaha. I’m just kidding of ┬ácourse.

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