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$1.90 Shops in Phnom Penh

I have confessed to loving thrift shops, now I’m confessing to another addiction. Ha! Japanese $1.90 shops! This past year, Phnom Penh has seen loads and loads of $1.90 shops opening. Brands like Daiso, MIA and Tokotokuya are my favorites.

Phnom Penh $1.90 Shops

Above. DAISO Shop in AEON Mall

It’s just they carry an extensive array of items and believe me, one can use up a few hours just browsing knick knacks they are selling. Especially Daiso, you can go dizzy with how many things are there is a small space. I bet if they could manufacture a cheap stanton dj mixer they would have it there.

You have to be wise though. Some really small items like stationery are really not worth buying from those shops as really you can find them cheaper elsewhere but I think that’s their strategy anyway. Mix good buys with items that are supposed to be cheap. I think good buys are small homewares (esp. MIA plastic organizers!) so be smart and mindful about stuff you pick out. After all its quite easy to get carried away when you think ‘oh! its just $1.90 only anyway’.

Phnom Penh $1.90 Shops
Above. MIA Shop in AEON

Check out these shops if you’re after cute stuff at low prices.

DAISO (at Aeon Mall, 1st Floor) – FB Page
MIA (several branches, but they also have one in AEON and near Dreamland) – FB Page
Tokutokuya (Norodom) – FB Page

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